About Us

We’re An Event Planner In Cape Town

I am Liesl, the founder of The Events Place- a small business creating personalized, tailormade events.

Born and raised in Cape Town, I am a wife and a mom to two amazing kids and I have a huge space in my heart for Marley our Labrador. He is definitely our third kid.

My passion for events started when I was a little girl and seeing my parents organize functions for their local soccer league. It was exciting to run around and place snacks on the table, help mom in the kitchen with meal preparation, and assist dad with styling the event. 

My dad loved palm trees and I have fond memories of driving around the neighbourhood helping him collect leaves for the decorations. To this day when I see a palm tree, I remember him. This exciting time of helping my parents definitely planted a seed in my heart for arranging events.

During my years as an administrator at the University of Cape Town, I decided to pursue this dream and began my studies in events planning. Finally the seed came to fruition in 2006 when I took the leap and started my own business as a wedding planner in 2006. Over the years I’ve had amazing opportunities of arranging friends’ weddings and being part of their special day. I’ve also had the wonderful pleasure of arranging destination weddings, allowing me to travel beyond Cape Town. My experience has allowed me to expand beyond weddings as I also have the privilege of hosting an annual ladies conference, a big event that sees over 800 women in attendance. It’s always exciting to meet women from all walks of life at this event and to be able to connect with them each year.

A year ago I decided to further expand my offering to include corporate and private functions. Being part of a local chapter of global business network called BNI has allowed me to meet some amazing people who actively support this aspect of my business.

I love connecting with people and am passionate about the events I organize. It is indeed a privilege to turn my clients’ dream from concept to their perfect desired function!

Are you looking to organize an event? I would love to be part of that journey.